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Who am I looking for?

Before you go any further it's important you acknowledge what it takes in order to achieve your goals. Unlike other coaches, I have a criteria I look for in all my potential clients and hopefully this will give you an insight into what I expect in my athletes, but even more so what you should expect from yourself.



✔️ You are committed and are willing to put in the work when it comes to achieving your goals.

✔️ You are looking to take your training and ultimately your physique to the next level.

✔️ You are willing to take control of your nutrition and training, prioritising long term health over short term results.

✔️ You acknowledge that your coach will ultimately have your best interests at heart and are willing to build an honest and trusting relationship in order to achieve your goals in the best possible way.

✔️ You are willing to invest in yourself not just financially, but more importantly mentally and physically.


✖️ You are completely new to training.

✖️ You are not open to suggestion when it comes to making changes in your Nutrition, Training or Lifestyle.

✖️ You aren't serious about getting results.

✖️ You are unwilling to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to make progress.

Online Coaching

Using my user friendly platform I’m able to give you the support you require from anywhere in the world. I will have access to your daily activity and nutrition through integration with apps such as Myfitnesspal and Fitbit, allowing me to program in and monitor your data. All this alongside planning your full training schedule while providing support throughout the process via regular contact and check ins, leaving no stone unturned as we progress toward the goals that we as a team will set together.

Personal Training

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If coaching does not sound suitable as you need more attention with exercise execution or prefer a slightly more personal touch, I also offer one to one and two to one training in the Leicestershire town of Market Harborough. Spaces for my in person services are limited however I will do my best to accomodate you.



To find out more about the Services I offer, enquire by either filling in the coaching application above or provide your details using the contact form below on this page and I will be in touch to arrange a free no obligations consultation either in person or over the phone.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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